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≥180 W/m·k

Thermal Conductive

≥380 Mpa

Bending Strength

3.30-3.36 g/cm³


Ra 0.02-0.5 μm

Surface Roughness



AlN Substrate

Ascendus uses tape casting process to produce substrates. According to different metallization requests we also developed many subdivisions: as fired, lapped, polished and laser scribed(cut).


AlN have already helped to achieve very low thermal resistance in many different applications, such as LED, power modules, RF components, laser package …… We feel very happy to always approach new technologies and devote some efforts in it.

Product advantage

Standard thermal conductivity: ≥170W/m·k

Ultra thermal conductivity: 200W/m·k

Varieties of matallizations: DPC, DBC, TPC, AMB, Thick Film, Thin Film 

Total in house production

Ultra thin: 0.15mm

Reliable quality control

As Fired Type

Lapped Type

Polished Type

Scribed Type